Necklace of Nymphology

Nymphology Handbook!


Alter breasts- freely alter the size of your “rack”.

Bernadettes illusory nakedness-

Change sex- at will

Fastinating cleavage/package- you attract much attention from humaniods.

Hypnotic Rump- other sex finds you especially attractive and distracting.

Locate Clitoris-

Pheromone enhancer- any within 20’ find themselves sexually attracted to you (unless passing a will save) however minger’s also flock to you.

Magic Circle vs Mingers- cannot be approached (5") by creatures with less than (charisma stat-10) charisma, cannot be touched by creatures with less than (charima stat-5) charisma.

Immunity to Poison.

+1 will save,
+1 fortitude save
+2 vs charm effects
+11 bonus to bluff
+9 bonus to diplomacy
+7 bonus to gather information
+4 bonus to Perform
+2 bonus to disguise, intimidate, sense motive, seduce.

Necklace of Nymphology

Power corrupts the weak Snafusam