Shocking Space Gloves


Jeluzzari’s self-made Gloves (later named “Shocking Space Gloves")

Aura of Normalcy~ Constant effect of Nystul’s Magic Aura (removes magic aura/ hides gloves identity)

Palms of Holding~ Each palm of the gloves opens into an extradimensional space that can hold ‘1 cubic foot’ / ‘10 pounds’. if you reach into the gloves for a specific item that item is always on top. free-action to pull/throw things out of the gloves.

Negative Pull~ all electrical spells and effects within 5’ of the wearer are absorbed and stored as charges (spell level+5=charges gained).

Living Electricity~ whenever the charges reach 50 they are automatically turned into a Living Lightning Spell (epic DC 140).

Ring of Ram~ before the charges reach 50 the individual charges can be used for the same effect as an epic ring of ram, being 1-6 charges for 1-6d8 damage, and pushing the target back 10’ per charge used.

Shocking Space Gloves

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