Power corrupts the weak

Andorhall Sewers

Date: March, 30th, 663 of the Veradic Era

Day One

The start of a new day on an unusually foggy morning. a strange traveler young, strong and obviously depressed, wanders into the main gates through the fog. Nuthatch “Hatch” Bugbiter and Content Not Found: xhan on their way home from a small job notice the lost wanderer walking into the main gates and decides to introduce themselves to Nar’Zul. after a short yet entertaining conversation, Hatch friendly invites Narzul to take a job at his Vermin-exterminating business for though the streets are clean the sewers are full of nasty and dangerous creatures, to which Narzul has accepted.
unknown to these would-be-adventurers there is something else, something Hungry… wandering into the sewers, as they speak.

an young lad sits in their establishment, a request to exterminate the ‘burning rats’ in the bakery oven. leaving Nar’Zul to get accosted to the building.
as they arrive, welcomed the baker, Nuthatch asks what they’re to be fighting to which the baker replies, we’ve got some ‘ash rats’ infesting the oven. an easy enough enemy on its own, but a danger in towns because they can cause fires.
after a nice fight and a small fire hatch recieves 50gp and a months garantee of Biscuts.
His crew believe that there are more ‘ash rats’ in the sewers which need to be killed.
as they return to their home this time there are three letters waiting for them.
there is a strange amount of activity from the rodents in the sewers town gaurd has been called in to get rid of rodents that are swarming the town, the exterminators are being hired to give a sweep of the sewers.
a runner arrives delivering news of a nasty rat that has crawled up and is now in a nearby bar.
just around the corner Hatch & xhan arrive at the “Spinning Gnome Tavern” as they enter the bartender ‘john’ points them to the women’s lue, third stall. where the Large Rat is supposed to be.
after a small skirmish in which ‘xhan’ is injured a drunken dwarf female named Morwyn Phosphosilver is kind/drunk enough to heal xhan and titmouse. Hatch pays morwyns tab at the bar and returns her to the ’Drunken Giant inn" giving her their buisness card before she stumbles her way up the stairs.
hatch and xhan visit a few weapon shops on their way back to their residence.

Day Two

Come morning Morwyn arrives at the doorstep with a buisiness card asking if she was offered a job, however after a small discussion and advising she change her inn to the ‘white tankard inn and tavern’ a fair priced and soft bedded inn. after a quick change of inns she returns and the group prepares to enter the Sewers.
after a turn around a corner Hatch is greeted to the sewers with a ’Fresh Flush" to which he returns home to wash his hat, after a few minutes he is ready and re-enters the sewers.
as they discover the water-purifying room, they speak to an Lanturn Archon getting directions, or being flashed, generally south.
as soon as they leave the purification room there is an encounter with a Crocodile.
farther down the sewer the group bares witness to a fight between Eater Doresain and a Barghest. which afterwards causes an conversation which eater agrees to come along with the group for rat corpses. though Morwyn has strong dislike of the undead is willing to accept that they are useful.

Day Three

continuing along the sewer paths they see a rat duck around the corner, Hatch and party eagerly chase after the little rodent suprisingly hear a loud sqeek as it is strangled to death by three severed left hands! (Crawling Claws)
needing something from his home Nuthatch “Hatch” Bugbiter returns quickly and Lances an dire rat on his way.
as hatch returns they elect to turn south following the directions of the Lanturn Archons they hear a clash of battle, turning the corner to find the Barbarian exterminator Brun in combat with a pair of ‘Chosen Ones’ his half-orc companion dead at his feet with another pair of ‘chosen ones’ quickly joining in combat to aid the fellow exterminator, Hatch charges with tit, after slaying the chosen ones Brun realizing the danger of traveling alone comes with the group.
Morwyn comes forward and tells the group about the ‘chosen one’ spell which turns unwilling humans into raging slaves and the probability of their evil masters being nearby. a few feet down the path the group discoveres a secret door. as they enter the door squeeks loudly giving away their presence, a bound woman screams “HELP” beginning a battle with three ‘wizards’ and a ‘chosen one’, as the battle is seen as hopeless two of the wizards rush through a magic door and close it behind them. the woman is revealed to be vanessa (a local barmaid) kidnapped with one other who was turned into the ‘chosen one’. hoping to pursue the wizards the exterminators break open the door to discover… A BRICK WALL!

Day Four

after conversing with Vanessa and the night approaching, the group begins to head back to their home, having a small skirmish with a pack of wererats. they travel comfortably home, for the night when there. the group makes a quick trip to the Spinning Gnome Tavern for a drink where Nar’Zul orders an extra shot to cheer up after being turned into a female. while they are at the tavern, they learn that Belvin Pegasons (rival exterminator) home had been overrun by wererats his home (a church to Heironeous) shredded and family killed. the town gaurd investigating are the scene. because it is too late to manage anything else, the group returns to ’hatchs" home to sleep off the alchohal and day.

Morning rises awakening the group from their slumber, Nar’Zul suffering a hangover. Xhan waking up a bit early slips into the sewers to do some recon, however turning a corner a green dragon slips its head out of the sewer-water and say’s in common ‘get lost runt’ the mute xhan starts attempting to use sign language to speak to the dragon however its only response is to breath in deeply, causing xhan to turn around and run out of the sewers without heed of what the green dragon does afterword.

bolting into hatch’s exterminators home through the secret entrance to the sewers, and informing hatch of his discovery, hatch says ‘i wanna see this dragon!’ and leads the way back into the sewers. as they walk down a pathway there is a cry ‘HELP!’ up ahead as the group rushes forward there is a loud splash behind the group and Nar’zul is trapped underwater flailing under the water. Nuthatch “Hatch” Bugbiter pushes his lance under the water to try and help Nar’zul out of the sewerwater, Content Not Found: xhan_ dives into the sewer-water to save the drowning/puking woman. only to discover, theres a panther-like creature holding her under the water. after dragging Nar’zul around underwater and getting having a tug-of-war over Nar’zul the creature releases Nar’zul and swims off. after sending Nar’Zul and Morwyn Phosphosilver home, Nuthatch “Hatch” Bugbiter and _Content Not Found: xhan continue checking where Xhan saw the dragon however only find an partially melted wall, Hatch collects a small piece of the acid-residue and returns to their home.

Xhan immediatly goes out to investigate anything to do with nearby dragons, which hatch and Nar’zul leads him to [[:Belvin Pegason]]s home. as they approach the church they find the ground to be slightly flooded during a sunny morning, Nar’zul notes that it is all holy water. Hatch asks one of the town gaurd ‘discover anythin yet?’ immediatly a force of water blasts a town guard out of the church doors ‘I DONT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THAT!’ screams Belvin Pegason. Hatch and crew enter the open church doors and give their respects, having a conversation and getting Nar’zuls gender corrected, traveling back to Hatchs home to interrogate the wererat heads. pulling the heads out of their chest belvin casts ‘speak with dead’.

day five

after questioning the wererat head and learning of the mysterious “Rikimaru”, Nuthatch finds a dragon specialist to ask about the acid discovered in the sewers and is informed that it is genuine dragon acid. as Nuthatch and Xhan travel back into the sewers they encounter an otherworldly creature which swiftly and savagely attacks which cracks into oblivion when Xhan’s shuriken pierce it’s core.

Days six, seven, Eight

other fights in the sewers include a Shadow Mastiff, Barghests Loth-touched Spiders, Tiny spiders, Ash Rats, Crocodiles, Bone rat Swarm, a ooze mephit, Giant Rat, Gargoyle, Crawling claws, imps, a shark, stuck half-way though a portal and an annoying water mephit and the “large amphibious dog-like creature with a hand-tail”. The first death of the Campaign occured at the end of Day six as Xhan the speech-less ninja blowes himself up with a huge swarm of red bloodsucking parasites. Day seven, the second death was Nar’zul’s fourth encounter with the large amphibious dog-like creature with a hand-tail dragged underwater and through the sewer-water till dead. Day eight, Xhan’s replacement Liam was a true clutz first cuts off his own left arm, then Brun’s left arm and then finally manages to cut himself in half!

Gaining Power

The starting date (in the campaign) was January 7th, 663 of the Veradic Era, it has been 2 years, 6 months and 16 days sense the beginning of your campaign across the Aleria.

It all started

01. Defiler’s Den fecies pile explodes, kill the big army of gnolls!
02. Defiler’s Den (Part 2)(why did mydia rape that skeleton and How did he get a magical disease from it?)
03. Targonar Mines
04. Targonar Castle “wtf” is with this castle… undead, wild animals,elder elemental in the basement, an imposter king, vampire named Karl, and why is there a unicorn on crack?
05. Cats isle
06. Dark Cave
07. Spider Forest had a bunch of spiders in it… who woulda guessed.(burned down as leaving)
08. Scorching meadow the meadow burns and the demon king kills all! muahahaha
09. Forest of Fools home to many thieves
10. Black Cave
11. Echoing Laberynth
12. Sunder canyon
13. Shadow Mountians (renamed Seravee Mountians)
14. Twilight Grove (burned down as leaving [again] now Twilight Marshes)
15. Lidless Cavern
16. Radiant Sahara
17. Midnight Eye
18. Marl Tempest
19. Illusions Crater
20. Hollow Eclipse
21. The Green Army attacks Silvermoon!
22. UnderDark
23. Dragons Den
after fighting a Vamperic Red Dragon which was gaurding a Large Underground Mansion… as the mighty adventurers checked behind the vampire-dragon’s approaching the mansion shio yoshira steps on a trap triggering an “vacuum sphere” across the entire cave. after a round or two of starting to hold their breath, suluchku casts “greater dispel magic” to try and remove the sphere succeeding magnificently destroying his own ‘portable hole’ with the vacuum.
footsteps echo throughout the cave from the mansion. and shio opens the mansion doors realizing he is face-to-face with kel’Thuzad who says polightly ‘ahh, i remember you’ shio turns around and bolts away from kel’thuzad points his finger at the enterance of the cave and it drops ceiling the enterance sealing the adventurers in.
Dargon said “i never wanted to be enemies but it seems it has come to this will at least give a fair fight”
Kel’thuzad replies ‘ah, Dargon so blind and so young. a fair fight has already been provided to you as this is not my true body this is a simulacrum.’ and the fight begins as the final blow lands, destroying the simulacrum it folds inward becoming a “reality maelstrom”. the adventurers are shocked as they fly across the realms where do they land? you can only continue reading to know…
Reality Maelstrom
As you are pulled into the black sphere your senses realize your being transported somewhere very very far away,
Infinate Layers of the Abyss #507 (Nigel)
Your falling through a Putrid black air, the screams of mortals echo beneath you as a horde of Demons look up in surprise. (DC:40 vs Sicken) you realize instantly. You are in the Abyss.
After a few moments the demons take to the air quickly racing to the hated celestial.
Solar Angel in the Abyss Enslavement (bondage) if defeated soundly by a balor or Death if by anything else…
Elemental Plane of Air (shio yoshina)
Endless freefall… unable to direct flight. If not saved, dies of dehydration or starvation.
Bleak Eternity of Gehenna (druid)
The air is hot, the pollution pulls at your breath, ash falls lighly on your clothes.
You stumble onto a crowded street, cloaked creatures bump you around left and right as they continue on their way down the streets. (roll spot check vs pickpocket DC:64 and lose one item for every 5 you lose by)
you can feel that your far closer to the nine hells than you were a moment ago. You look around at a dark-walled city. And he sky above you is obviously not of the mortal plane.
-2 penalty on all charisma checks
Space, Material plane (Warhulk)
Suffocation to death and frozen in space
Olympian Glades of Arborea (Major Payne)
You hear Music and festivity around you, as you look around standing in a grassy field the bachae(spirits of the party-goers) continue to party and sing, offering you food and drink to join in the party. However the party does not give you sustenance days later of party-ing you collapse and die from hunger.
Blessed Fields of Elysium #4 Thalasia Fortress of the Sun (Suluchku)
Landing hard on a Giant table you look around at the stunned faces of Gaurdinals, planetars and Solars looking straight up you realize in Pure Terror you have landed SMACK dab On the middle of Pelors Audience Chamber (the god of the Sun, Light, Strength and Healing) . Suluchku leaps up and attacks Pelor as the gathering leaps on suluchku, the mighty suluchku is able to cut off pelors arm before dieing to the might of pelor.
Seven Mounting Heavens of Celestia #3 dargon
you’re submerged in Holy Water (2d10/round while submerged/swimming, 2d4 dmg till dry) you can see light above you, as you breach the surface of the water Five Archons Leap out of the water right after you “Vile creature, You Will be PURGED!” the amazing Dargon dispatches the archons with a spell and turns himself into a shark to escape the damage of the holy water.
Becoming a mouse to stealthily escapes the third plane of celestia to the second and as he comes into view of Bahamets palace, a hermit arrives behind him with seven canaries, dargon knowing the legends of bahamet states “if you are going to destroy me, please do so swiftly. I merely wish to return home.” The hermit looks at the little mouse and replies. “so be it little lich, home you shall return to.” The hermit transforms, revealing his identity as Bahamet and his 3 radiant dragons/4 gold dragon escorts. With one mighty breath Dargon is Disintegrated!
Twin Paradises of Bytopia Ruff
Landing in Surrock the Untamed wilderness Ruff begins to wander the wilderness stumbling upon a few gnome gaurds a fight begins, after hundreds die the powerful Ruff finds himself overrun by the Gnomish army’s

July 23th, 665 of the Veradic Era is the day that these mighty adventurers from Aleria all died.


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