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Belvin Pegason owner of the temple of Zues had a nice home built under his church. Friendly to working competition and a loving father. after a while had found that exterminating was a nice way to get funds, spend time and still stay close to his family… that is, until they were murdered. out on a routine job on a busy week his home broken ninto and his family murdered, a symbol painted on the wall said it all “wererats”. they had conflicts in the past, but for them to ransack his house while he wasn’t there was a first…

Millstone potions gives the Nuthatch Exterminators a .10% discount.

Lang and his Mastadon companion of the Cenarius circle rest in the garden next to the home.

Andorhall quests

  1. an harem in the red light district is trying to make a portal for demons
the laberynth of Zak’nel? Zak’nels heart?

Main Page

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