Power corrupts the weak

Andorhall Adventures

after spending a week rushing through the sewers scouring for mysterious beasts the general vermin have retreated to the sewers. negotiation for the price of each Rat-head has been determined at 80gold per head having read the reports of the dangerous creatures the brave exterminators faced beneath the sewers. (7 heads x 80 = 560gold each player +560 for “Hatch’s Exterminators” purposes Eater dorsain tells Hatch to keep his gold for he is unable to purchase from towns.)

three days pass quickly with minor notice. On April 10th, Four letters arrive,

  1. A reward has been issued for the live capture of “Kyler Kage” an skilled scryer currently in hiding.
  2. A warning that Meric is the target of one “Rikimaru”
  3. A request from ‘The Andorhall Gaurd’ for Hatch to appear for questioning concerning the deaths of several townsfolk in particular, “wererats” and “Chosen Ones” as well as “wizards” seen in the sewers.
  4. an letter written in an unknown language.

Meric immediatly begins traveling around previous employers looking for more information on “Rikimaru”, Hatch reports to the Andorhall gaurd telling his employee’s to be careful, the rest of the adventurers decide to look into an rumor of an harem in the red light district is trying to make a portal for demons.

In the red light district Izual buys a prostitute and gets infested with Giant Crabs! Maric heads for various bars looking for information. Izual travels to Belvin’s for a cure for crabs is unknowingly infected with a Disease. various travels around andorhall result in few results.

Maric gets knocked out in a bar. after a long conversation between players (and pizza) they’ve descided to attack ’Phills Brokers" the unnoficial thieves guild. Izual begins a fairly crazy fight, somehow they all managed to survive, however Izual has been turned into a female (AGAIN!) and having been knocked unconsious Brun is taken to the town gaurd and imprisoned until Bailed out.

as Hatch leaves the town gaurd’s headquarters he is informed of Brun’s Imprisonment and immediatly goes to see what happened and learns of their incomplete attack on the thieves guild. Hatch travels down into the sewers with his group looking to retrieve remains of Xhan and after a few instances of combat manages to track down his right foot! and has Lang a druid of the cenarion circle reincarnate Xhan (they are shocked to see him as a GOBLIN) after which hatch decides to speak to the mayer, whos secretary Filicia arranges to have a meeting the following day. heading out of the mayers office hatch begins following a Chain golem around town.

Brun and Izual begin investigating the rumor of a mind flayer and track down Martie and Eric, the young couple which supposedly saw it, finding nothing but cats and dog feces in the garden the adventurers decide to come back at night. heading to the wizards guild to ask about the dragon which is supposed to make a deal with Archmage Jerrold they discover they’re a week late! Izual asks a secretary if they can speak with Archmage Jerrold she apologizes that Archmage Jerrold is not there.
Rounding up Maric from a bar we precede to seek out the quick-learning dimensional traveler. which they find Edmund in the wizard guilds library (turns out he’s a little crazy) He translates the “letter of unknown language” without a second thought and continues his studies while reading multiple books and floating in the air.
the letter reads “traveling in the laberynth of Zak’nel for a month now, unless something changes we wont survive long. If this letter survives I play that somebody will succeed in claiming the Zak’nels heart.”
as night falls the adventurers return to the SW garden to try and find the “mind flayer” somebody walks through a bush causing Izual to cast light revealing a sandled man with a big puffy beard & backpack. Brun turns and mercilessly kills Meric, Brun realizing he did so without his own intent flies into a rage and kills the man with a large beard. however the mental attacks continue, brun begins to attack the trees, the corpses and their belongings, just before the mans backpack is destroyed Brun’s mind is taken over! he turns and kills izual before taking the backpack and walking away. (the three wake up realizing that their nightmare, did not actually happen and they forgot to visit the garden.)

Hatch’s meeting with the mayor forces him to stop following the chain golem, During the meeting he’s told that the he will not be selling the town however, the elven population is considering abandoning the city because of the unfavorable changes to the city. thinking to unroot the wererats from their own sub-sewers the group travels back into the sewers with the intention of finding the mysterious lower level and perhaps combat the green dragon which wanders nearby… what will they find…

traveling through the sewers is simpler now that they have their self-made map however, where are the mysterious sub-sewers or those which hide in the sewer walls. While checking the grates which seperate the main city and the suburbs Scrapings on the wall lead to the discovery of a hidden door and sub-sewer entrance. partway down the entrance hatch spots an imp is sitting in an alcove on the wall, turning to take a look at it, it asks “who are you” to which Hatch answers that he is here to hunt rats, the imp begins screaming “INTRUDERS!” and flies down to the sub-sewers.
The team begins to chase instantly, turning two corners chasing the imp, right into a group of six droopy-faced people, a trio of undescribed prisoners and a ‘brain in a jar’ on a pedestal. the fight begins instantly without waiting for conversation, who will win? who will die? will Xhan ever be human again? find out next time.

The fight continues into an amazing battle which ends in great victory for the mighty adventurers. at the end of the battle, while releasing the prisoners Nuthatch and Xhan becomes poisoned unknowingly, Vinessa, Silene and Alice are three female (scantly clad) prisoners. Izual runs to the surface to tell Belvin Pegason of the Sub-sewers, however upon arriving Belvin merely kicks him out because he smells like he’s been swimming though a sewer (go figure) , rushing back to nuthatch’s home Izual takes his shower and returns to the Temple of Zues.

Izual showes where the sub-sewers entrance is on a sewer-map. three hours later; a Troupe of Zues’s followers rush down the stairs of the sewer’s entrance. Meanwhile an hour ago; Nuthatch and Xhan began hearing sounds, many sounds of movement and clinking, clacking metal. A creature rushes past the room which they were in, Nuthatch hops to the entrance in order to try and get a better glimpse seeing only an snout on a figure.

Suddenly, the sounds of the sub-sewers go quiet and there is a slow buildup of noise to close-echoing footsteps of a large group, nuthatch readies himself for battle unknowing that the armor-clad marching comming down the stairs is that of Belvin Pegason. After a near-combat enounter, a wizard steps forward and begins to make a teleportation circle. Nuthatch remarks that there was an evil creature here. The wizard lifts the jar, remaining from the ‘brain in the jar’ and comments “That this is here is ill news” he teleports away with the prisoners after warning nuthatch and crew to beware of evil wizards. Belvin sends his followers to the left, with the intent to purge the sub-sewers of any infestation while traveling to the right with the adventurers. (where did Eater go!?) Stalking along the sewer the adventurers turn and for just a moment see a shadow before the lights go out, and an evil creature begins to attack.

The shadowy creature continues to attack, casting magical darkness to rob the adventurers of their prized light. after a mighty blow by Belvin Pegason the creature explodes into the shadows. as they look around they realize the room they fought in has rusted traps and cages around a small wooden table with broken chairs a soiled teddy bear placed in a cage as some kind of joke. turning back to the hallways and taking a left turn they see a glittering ahead, they discover an un-symboled church in the sub-sewer stained glass windows shining tinted light into the room. as the adventurers shatter the glass attempting to discover more of this strange church-room a stained glass golem leaps out and attacks the adventurers! after a very loud ear-shattering fight the golem shatters leaving the adventurers to continue their search of the room. finding a scroll of ‘Last word’. heading through the tunnels again the adventurers hear a clanging as they approach an intersection battle to the west where the paladins of Belvin traveled. hearing the sounds of battle the group rushes forward finding the rear of the enemy group and gleefully inserts a lance, spear and shuriken into their posteriors! Ending the battle quickly by attacking the enemies from both sides.

With the wererats slain, Belvin rejoins his paladins on the other side of the sub-sewers. Turning south the adventurers approach a room with thunderclaps booming from within. Taking a peek around the corner they see what seems to be a thundercloud-in-a-box looking closer they realize that the box is a magical cage and the thundercloud an trapped storm elemental! After a bit of conversation they decide to release the elemental as it is. carefully opening the cage and running around the corner, the storm elemental leaves the cage stopping before them on their way out and gives a deafening thunderclap creating a scroll of summoning before disappearing in a lightning-strike. The next room has overturned tables, knocked over shelves, broken vials, burned books and a large sum of soon-to-be-claimed gold.

The adventurers next room is full of boxes and cages of various sizes and shapes, with a variety of simple goods. One box however, catches the adventurers eyes… a pitch-black box with a warning label on it “DO NOT OPEN!” after a large arguement, and even a small scuffle, between the Xhan and Izual over which of them gets to open the warning-labeled box to which Nuthatch simply gets out of the room realizing there’s no stopping the two. Izual is the one who opens the box only to be attacked, by a ‘Chaos Beast’ (very scary) to which Xhan leaves the battle and takes Titmouse (Nuthatch’s riding dog) to go find Belvin for help. While Nuthatch is forced to save Izual from her own stupidity! Xhan failes to find Belvin instead encountering the sewer-dwelling green dragon and escaping just as quickly! both pairs of adventurers returning to Nuthatch’s home and Izual bearly making it before becoming a chaos beast herself! Desciding they need a few days for Izual to rest, Xhan departs to investigate the “Zordon dwarf guild” which is supposidly making something called a “zord”. Approaching a dwarf at the front and asking somewhat directly about the zord they’re supposidly building the dwarf seems completely ignorant of this “zord” he’s asking about. Xhan decides to climb into a window on the western side of the building discovering a storage room quickly pocketing a gold nugget; he moves in to the hallway and the second room he finds has a stuck door, applying a little pressure he discovers with a loud crash that the door was not so much stuck as over-filled on the other side! With a few quick steps the dwarves realize they have a thief in their midst “THIEF! THIEF IN THE GUILDHALL!” they begin to scream while drawing their weapons. Xhan realizing his danger heads for the nearest window and leaps out using his ki invisibility just after landing to escape the dwarven gaurds.

After a few days of rest the group decides to finally rid themselves of that pesky green dragon problem one way or another. With nearly nothing left in the sewers to worry of the adventurers wander with caution to the under-city-sewers and ready themselves for battle (just in case their negotiations fail) finding the dragon quite quickly it emerges from the sewage and very slowly gets closer as conversations prove irrelevant to the emerald drake. A quick yet fierce battle earns the group an amazing treasure, A green dragon corpse (with minimal damage). realizing that the secret door in nuthatch’s home is not large enough for the dragon to be pulled through; they bring the corpse to the northern part of the city intending to ask the church of Zeus for use of their exit. upon bringing the dragon corpse into the church all spectators are rendered speechless that there actually was, a dragon in the sewers! A loud cheering from a celebration outside makes the group wonder, just what have they missed in the last few hours while they were hunting the dragon…

A quick question to a passerby reveals that the ‘Zordon’ dwarf clan has (illegally) constructed an ‘warforged titan’ (it’s a zord!) to attempt an exploration outside the city walls. Taking the dragon corpse to “Buzz the butcher” to be skinned, flayed and sold the adventurers earn a nice sum and a dragonhide. Nuthatch brings the dragonhide to “Bugbiter ironworks” for treating while Izual and Xhan begin investigating the red light districts harems for which of them is rumored to be attempting to summon demons.

Right off the bat Izual (who was turned female by a wizard in the sewers) gets pulled into “Grush’s orcs” an orc harem for which women are known to be abused, dominated, and broken (usually willingly). Xhan (who simply leaves Izual to Grush’s employees) turns to “Incubus instinct” a high-class escort and overnight for women. Climbing onto the roof Xhan is given a “CAW” by a crow which was on the roof, lowering himself into a window he sneaks past a “busy” customer and employee. Something catches his eye at the window spinning around to see the bird that was on the roof staring at him with intelligent eyes. This was not a normal bird… hitting it instantly with a shuriken the bird responds by transforming itself into a golden dragon-like cat with wings and pouncing the tiny goblin-ninja through the door and into the hallway. After a very loud yet quick fight Xhan loses consciousness. After (after pulling her into the harem) almost an hour the orcs finally threw Izual out the back door with a few silver pieces; determined for revenge but prioritizing her proper gender. The gender-reversed warmage sets out for the Blue mages corp, Learning the price for correcting her/his gender is more than she had on her she runs to the bank for 1090 gold only to have her entire purse stolen on her way back to the blue mage corp (how unlucky does this girl get!?)! after getting a second draw from the bank she finally manages to ‘convince’ the blue mage corp to turn her back to male for a discount. Xhan awakens tied to a chair with his weapons missing, the bird perched on an opposing chair reveals it can speak and begins mocking the goblin for his loss. after a small insult exchange the door opens and a remarkably handsome man walks in and sits in the chair which the bird is perched on. taking the conversation from the bird and questioning Xhan as to why he snuck into his harem. Xhan accused the handsome man of summoning demons to which he telepathicly responded at how futile his attempts at fishing for information are and that should he enter his harem again he would be killed. Teleported out of the room and face-planting in an alleyway he emerges just on time to meet Hatch and Izual, return home for his other weapons however finding a box just outside his door Nuthatch brings it inside and opens it discovering Xhan’s missing weapons and a warning letter that if Xhan enter’s the Incubus Instinct again, he will be killed.



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